Vili Stoyanov presents “FAIRY TALE” – Music by Yosif Tsankov – Solinaria ’22

23th July 20.30 

Solinaria – open space stage


Vili Stoyanov is a trombonist, composer, arranger and teacher. In 2020, the initiative “Meeting with Grandpa Yozhi” was launched, which aims to bring back to life the huge musical treasure left to us by the great composer and his grandfather – Yosif Tsankov.

As a result of this initiative, in July 2020 he released an album, with instrumental pieces for big band and solo trombone, to the music of Yosif Tsankov, entitled “That wind from the first meeting”.

In the spring of 2021, the tireless trombonist opens another chapter of meetings with his famous great-grandfather, whom he has never met in his life, but whom he gets to know more and more through the presentation of his music. With the project Just Bossa initiated by him, he presents the second music album of Yosif Tsankov – “FAIRY TALE”.

The album is named after one of the most beautiful piece of the great Yozhi “FAIRY TALE”, written by Veselin Hanchev. The name of the album also hints at its content.

This time the journey into the past has an enhanced theatrical sound and is in the service of the magnificent texts on which the composer has created. Simple as a barefoot style helps to highlight the pure and clear messages of the plays – the fragility of human relationships, the excitement of new love, nostalgia for the past, combined with reconciliation with the difficult present, and yet the finale – hope. In this sense, the album is an attempt to return listeners to the pure messages that beautiful music carries, and to pure human relationships in general.


Petar Terziev – vocals

Yosif Stoyanov – vocals

Velislav Stoyanov – trombone

Milen Kukosharov – keyboard

Dimitar Blagoev – guitar

Daniele Phoebo – double bass

Atanas Popov – drums

The program includes: the plays “Fairy Tale”, “When the Moon Rises”, “Under the Yellow Leaves of the Old Linden”